eric le bain du roi organic cosmetics for men 
I have always been passionate about the study of plants and their benefits. That's why I started my professional career in cosmetology 25 years ago as a pharmacy assistant.
At that time, I could not find the right products for my daily care. Passionate about nature and its natural products, I was convinced that a judicious and intelligent association of a maximum of plant substances was possible in order to benefit from their synergy. I already had some ideas but did not know how to go about it. The story could have ended there.
A few years later, Christophe, a dermopharmacist friend, convinced me to design and develop my own products. First for my personal use for a few years. In 2018, I decided to take the plunge and create Le Bain du Roi®, a French company.

A challenge to be met

My idea is to start with the minimum of necessary, essential and sufficient constituents to make my products effective and safe with short formulas. Of course, I try to give priority to natural and bio-based ingredients.

My Solution

I thus obtain products concentrated in natural and biosourced plant active ingredients and I limit as much as possible the superfluous compounds, I avoid controversial substances, always with an eco-responsible approach too, not using palm oil, recyclable and vegan. I also think about using only recyclable materials (packaging, wrapping, paper, ink...). I have entered into a partnership with an artisan producer in the centre of France for all my products. He manufactures my products taking into account my requirements which are for example a cold manufacturing process, or by heating the constituents as little as possible in order not to alter them and thus preserve all their properties. My glass bowls have been specially designed to combine design, functionality and recyclability.

A real challenge!

I have two approaches.

  • Either, I imagine a product for which I feel a need, for a given part of the body, for a given function. I then look for the best natural ingredients that I already know or new ones that I have found during my travels, my daily life, my meetings with local producers for example.
  • Either, the idea starts with a plant that I discover, with interesting virtues, with particular constituents, with their history. Then I try to combine it with another, and then another again, in order to achieve the synergy I am looking for. For example, the synergy of the oils I use in my After Shave Serums has a particularity. They have almost the same composition as human sebum. As a result, when applied to shaved skin, they help to almost instantly rebuild the skin barrier damaged during shaving and significantly reduce irritation.

Once this association has been determined, the next step will be to present my product in a way that is easy, pleasant and safe for the users.

My challenge for each creation is to use mainly natural and safe products. This task is more difficult for me than for industrialists who have many chemical substances to ensure the stability of the products. But now, with experience and reflection, I can achieve excellent stability and tolerance of my products without these additives. I rework my creations as many times as necessary in order to achieve the final result I set myself. This is the only way to ensure the quality to which I am committed.

And as all my creations are bio(logical), they are therefore biodegradable. They can therefore return to the earth. The circle is complete!

Le Bain du Roi cosmetics are different from other products and I am proud of that...,

... how proud you will be to take care of yourself while protecting the Planet!

There are many beauty products on the shelves, of varying quality and difficult for the end user to appreciate.

In my creations, I start with a deliberately limited list of ingredients. It is a real challenge to obtain a beauty product without using substances from petrochemicals for example. For decades, users have been used to substances that have no real benefit for their skin, without them knowing it. They discover it little by little.

My aim is to be able to offer real, effective, reliable and safe products, concentrated in plant substances that really have a visible effect on the skin. For example, when creating my body milks, I put the oil content of a whole avocado into each bottle! Or my Face Cleansing Gel is much gentler than conventional face washes thanks to its ultra-fine babassu foam!

A beautiful, soft and well-maintained skin shows and is good for the soul and the spirit.

What about the future?

Nature is a vast field in every sense of the word and we have only "explored" a tiny part of it, provided we do not destroy it.

I am constantly trying to reduce the very few ingredients still needed to ensure the stability of my products by replacing them with natural products with identical effects.

I am always on the lookout for a new plant species with virtues that are still scientifically unexplored but have been recognised for thousands of years for their benefits.

I regularly try to minimise any unnecessary ingredients.

I am fascinated by signature's theory.