We develop our products in order to guarantee a Natural, Essential and Organic answer.

We have chosen to adhere to the nouvellecosmetique.org Organic Charter and we explain why.

« Nouvelle Cosmétique cosmetic and personal hygiene products are made from substances or compositions of raw materials obtained using simple physical or chemical processes, without the use of synthetic molecules, and meeting precise environmental standards and criteria at all stages of manufacture. »

The press regularly publishes articles about certain cosmetic substances that are allegedly harmful to the user or the environment.

These include, among others, the following substances:

BHA, butylparaben, propylparaben, sodium butylparaben, sodium propylparaben, potassium butylparaben, potassium propylparaben, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, triclosan, benzophenone-1, benzophenone-3, cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclomethicone, butylphenyl methylpropional, BHT, methylisothiazolinone (MIT), methylchlorisothiazolinone (MCIT), resorcinol, sensitizing dyes, phenoxyethanol, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), ammonium lauryl sulfate, mineral oils and synthetic hydrocarbons

These substances would be suspected to be sensitizers and/or substances toxic to the liver and/or irritants.

We do not use these substances in our products as they do not provide any real benefit to the skin and we are proud of this!

Our approach combined with a minimum and sufficient number of constituents, without superfluous materials ("short formulas"), allows our products to preserve the essential properties of their constituents for quality care.