Vegan Badger Natural Beard Set and Organic Soap without Palm Oil

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A beard set consisting of a mint organic beard soap and an ultra-soft shaving brush

Are you looking for a quality, natural, organic and vegan beard care kit? This kit is for you!

Our vegan shaving brush and organic soap set contains :

  • a soap rich in shea butter, made according to an ancestral method to avoid damaging the skin. This superfat soap is obtained by cold saponification for the high glycerin content it produces. This emollient and moisturising active ingredient will protect your skin and beard during its gentle cleansing. Calendula extract will soothe irritations YUKA : EXCELLENT
  • an ultra-soft vegan shaving brush can be used by people allergic to animal hair. Maintenance free.
  • presented in elegant linen pouch offered

The benefits of this vegan shaving brush and organic soap set:

  • gently cleans your beard without drying it out
  • soap very rich in organic shea butter
  • for all types of beards
  • vegan shaving brush
  • dermatologically tested


A good idea for a beauty care gift box for men! Palm oil free.




Badger height approx. 10 cm. Diameter of the soap (100 g) about 7 cm.

Palm oil free

How to use the vegan shaving brush and the organic soap?

For your beard:
Moisten your face with tepid water. Apply the foam obtained with the shaving brush in circular movements. Shave with the grain. Rinse off. Dry. Your beard is cleaned without being dried out!

Tip: Still feeling the razor burn? Apply a few drops of softening oil (sold separately).

Your skin will regain incomparable suppleness and softness as soon as it is applied!

For your body :
Moisten your skin with tepid water. Lather the wet soap between your hands
Apply to skin and shave with the grain Rinse off. Dry.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of clear water.

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